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Let me introduce myself.
My name is Consuelo, I was born in 1984, I live and work in Tuscany, in Prato, although I often travel throughout Italy for work. My beloved dog Rafiki is my faithful playmate and partner for long walks and, maybe you won't believe it, but wherever I go I always find a four leaf clover: I know it could seems weird but it’s true, and this makes me smile and always face up to life with the right dose of lightness.

One thing is certain and I really want to tell you: since I started my professional career at the Wedding Planner Academy with Enzo Miccio in Milan there hasn't been a person who to the question "What is your job?" didn’t react with a “Wow!”

I like to answer that I am an "emotion generator", and so, yes, I admit it, mine is a decidedly interesting, creative, fun and sometimes even crazy job, but that always grants new challenges, strong emotions and great satisfaction.

But the emotions, the real ones, are yours, and they are already there waiting for you and me, just to be revealed. Indeed, there are marvels – as Fabrizio Caramagna teaches us – that you don’t look for, but that find you and suddenly appear to your eyes, like a four-leaf clover.

This encapsulates the essence, the vision, of my approach.

The professional qualities that my clients appreciate the most are seriousness and competence: excellence is also achieved thanks caring of any small detail and certainly my preparation and experience help me to achieve results.

Organizing your most beautiful day is my profession, it’s the job that I’ve been able to sew on me like a beautiful tailor-made dress, and that, fortunately, hasn’t stopped exciting me yet, and I don’t think it ever will. It’s part of my life as well as the desire to share. Precisely for this reason, in the conception, organization and realization phases, I personally take care of every detail so that the event  can reflects the tastes of the client and can be in line with the desired budget.

On the other hand, faithful to my mission, as an event planner I don’t like to “impose” my ideas but I always respect your wishes by giving valuable advices and solutions to create the most memorable event.



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